Sad Gronk Gives Us the Saddest Touchdown Spike Ever (GIF)

sad gronk gives us the saddest touchdown spike

I like happy Gronk. Happy Gronk gives us touchdown celebrations like this, and this. Sad Gronk, on the other hand, is just no fun at all.

Last night, we got sad Gronk. The Kansas City Chiefs absolutely embarrassed the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football. They were up 27-0 at one point in the third quarter and then 41-7 midway through the fourth quarter before Rob Gronkowski finally got into the end zone on a pass from Jimmy Garappolo.

No, not Tom Brady, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Jimmy. Garappolo.

If you’re an eligible Patriots receiver in 2014 and you’re taking passes from Jimmy Garappolo, something has either gone very, very right, or very, very wrong. And in this case, something had gone very, very wrong.

Hence, we got sad Gronk when he scored a touchdown late in the game to make it 41-14.

Take a look:

sad gronk gives us the saddest touchdown spike ever

Seriously, isn’t that just the saddest touchdown spike you have ever seen? The man is just so utterly disgusted.

Luckily, we all know Gronk doesn’t dwell on embarrassing defeats. So he’ll be fine.

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