Brett Favre Endorses MicroTouch Male Grooming Devices, Because Body Hair Management Is an Important Part of His Life (Video)

brett favre endorses microtouch

It’s important to look good when ridin’ tractors and texting pictures of your dong to sexy sports reporters. That’s why legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre endorses MicroTouch male grooming devices.

What are MicroTouch male grooming devices, you ask? They’re a comprehensive three-piece grooming system for trimming and shaving beards, ears, noses, eyebrows, and “body hair”—i.e. pubes. There is the “Switchblade Total Body,” which sounds totally badass; the “MicroTouch One,” which is basically just a classic safety razor; and, last but not least, the “MicroTouch Max” for precise grooming in and around ears, noses, eyebrows, and your junk.

Brett Favre really was the obvious choice to endorse these products. Since retiring, the man has grown a rather unruly beard. And of course, we know he likes to keep things tidy below the belt on account of that time he unzipped his Wranglers and sent a picture of his penis to sports reporter Jenn Sterger.

Take a look at the commercial. It’s fantastic:

So how much will these babies run you? Well, the Switchblade Total Body and MicroTouch One will both run you about $25, while the MicroTouch Max is a very affordable $10.

Get yours today!

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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