LeBron James Disney Series Will Focus on Athletes’ Rise to Stardom

LeBron James Disney series

A LeBron James Disney series is in the works and it will trace his rise from high school  to…being LeBron James. The show is live action and is called Becoming. James’ production company (of course he has a production company) will be producing the LeBron James Disney series, which plans to feature the rise of other prominent athletes in future episodes.

While it doesn’t offer much in the way of background or insight, the LeBron James Disney series was pumped up recently by King James himself:

“I’m really excited about helping develop Becoming and bringing this kind of program to kids. Sports and athletes were my inspiration growing up. It was the stories about Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders and Allen Iverson that kept me dreaming. When I learned that they had some of the same struggles and challenges I did, it made everything seem possible. That’s what Becoming is all about.”

Ok. That doesn’t tell us a whole lot. It’s a show about athletes when they were younger. I think that’s the gist.

The series is being developed in a partnership with ESPN films and will air October 26th.

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