Will Ferrell Screaming at Derek Jeter for Four Straight Minutes? That’s My Kind of Tribute (Video)

will ferrell screaming at derek jeter for four straight minutes

You may have thought you were sick of all the Derek Jeter tributes. But you were wrong. I know because I thought I was sick of all the Derek Jeter tributes, too. Then I saw this glorious video of Will Ferrell screaming at Derek Jeter for four uninterrupted minutes and realized I had just been watching the wrong tributes.

There’s no sentimentality in this tribute whatsoever. Ferrell doesn’t try to explain Jeter’s greatness, or make a case for renaming the Bronx “Jeterville.” He just literally stands there in a Boston Red Sox hat, yelling at Derek Jeter in a Boston accent for four minutes, vacillating between love and hate.

Sure, I’d like to think that the whole thing is a subtle sendup of Jeter zealots, the over-the-top six-month retirement extravaganza, and the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. But that would probably be overthinking it. At the end of the day, this is most likely Ferrell being weird for the sake of being weird. And it’s brilliant.

Take a look:

PS, is Will Ferrell playing the captain of a fishing boat in his next film or something? That’s a pretty scruffy look.

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