AHL Hockey Goal Has a 360, Between-the-Legs Spin, and Killer Fist Pump (Video)

AHL hockey goal

This AHL hockey goal suggests that the player behind it, Stan Galliev, might just be ready for a promotion. Of course, maybe he plays defense like a bag of doorknobs, or he verbally abuses his teammates, so we can’t say for certain. But this AHL hockey goal suggests that this kid knows how to score.

This goal took place in a game between the Hershey Bears (whoa) and the Lehigh Valley Phantoms (less whoa). NO LOVE LOST BETWEEN THESE TWO JUGGERNAUTS!

Galiev, who is a Hershey Bear for those keeping track, knocked in what would become the game-winning goal using some slight of hand, a 360, and possibly wire trick and a stunt double.

Take a look:

It’s even more impressive when slowed down. Then sped back up. Then slowed down again. It’s just impressive regardless of the frame rate. Nice going, Stan.

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