Bill Belichick Would Just Like Everyone to Know the Patriots Are “On to Cincinnati,” Okay? (Videos)

bill belichick on to cincinnati

On Monday night in Kansas City, the New England Patriots suffered their most humiliating loss of the Tom Brady era, a 41-14 drubbing at the hands of the Chiefs. So obviously, the only question members of the media had for head coach Bill Belichick at his Wednesday morning press conference was, in a nutshell, “WTF Bill?”

Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us, Belichick had made up his mind in advance that he would answer all variants of “WTF Bill?” with “we’re on to Cincinnati.”

For example:

Reporter: How difficult is it to react to the adversity of Monday night?

Belichick: Yeah, well, we’re on to Cincinnati.

Reporter: You mentioned Tom Brady’s age at the draft…

Belichick: We’re on to Cincinnati.

Reporter: Do you feel like the talent you have here is good?

Belichick: We’re getting ready for Cincinnati.

Reporter: Are the problems you’re seeing correctable?

Belichick: We’re doing the bes twe can to put together a game plan for Cincinnati.

Have a look at the actual press conference:

Now there’s even a fantastic parody song set to the tune of “Keep ‘Em Separated” by The Offspring, courtesy of Boston 98.5’s Toucher & Rich. Have a listen:

Thanks for the soundbite, Bill. The internet appreciates it.

Hat Tip – [CBS Boston]

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