Female Sideline Reporter Gets Steamrolled on Sidelined by a Player (GIFs)

female sideline reporter
A female sideline reporter was able to get up close and personal with her high school football subjects as she got railroaded by a player making his way out of bounds following a screen pass. It’s not so much newsworthy because the female sideline reporter got run over, which happens a lot in that line of work, but because she has some first-person footage of the trouncing.

Gotta give Kelsey Riggs of WBTW in Dillon, SC some credit for leaving herself in harm’s way to get the shot.

Initially, I asked myself why a sideline reporter would have a camera, but, this being a South Carolina high school football game, I’m guessing they don’t send a staff of 20 to do what one female sideline reporter can do.

So take a look at the jumpy first GIF:

female sideline reporter

…and then the much more fun, first-person one:

female sideline reporter

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