Epic Performances Deserves Epic Celebrations, So Madison Bumgarner Chugs Four Beers at Once (Video)

madison bumgarner chugs four beers

When the Pittsburgh Pirates clinched a spot in the National League Wild Card game last week, backup catcher Tony Sanchez went around the clubhouse videobombing teammates with the old Stone Cold Steve Austin victory celebration, which of course entails chugging two bears at once.

So what does San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner do last night after tossing a complete game, four-hit shutout against those Pirates to get the Giants to the NLDS against the Nationals? He sees Sanchez’s celebration and raises him two whole beers.

That’s right, Madison Bumgarner chugs four beers at once—two Buds, two Bud Lights. It’s a rare quad-chug.

Take a look:

At this point we have to ask: what’s next? A sextuple-chug? An octuple-chug? It’s pure madness, and I hope Bryce Harper hits two home runs against Bumgarner in Game 3 and puts a stop to it.

We certainly know he doesn’t drink and does not like to be asked questions about drinking.

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