Here’s Some Douchebag Orioles Fan Pantomiming Oral Sex on a Giant Imaginary Dong (Video)

douchebag orioles fan

If you happened to watch Game 1 of the ALDS between the Orioles and Tigers last night, you probably noticed an excessive number of cutaway shots of rabid Orioles fans at Camden Yard. Every time the game went to commercial and came back from commercial, and occasionally when there was just a break in the action, TBS cut to a crowd shot like crowd shots were going out of style. It was only a matter of time before somebody in the crowd did something that was not suitable for all audiences.

With that, I present to you this douchebag Orioles fan making a super classy oral sex gesture amidst the throng of otherwise decent upstanding Baltimoreans:

Sorry orange goatee guy with the fedora. Sorry backwards cap bro. You’re five seconds of fame were stolen by the guy standing right behind you, who is jamming an imaginary dong in and out of his mouth.

Notice the size of said imaginary dong, too. It looks as though this douchebag Orioles fan is fellating an imaginary horse, or some other similarly endowed animal. Surely that cannot be an imaginary human penis.

I guess it’s go big or go home for this gentleman.

Seriously, somebody in Baltimore please forward the link for this post to this guys’s mom.

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