Washington Nationals Scavenger Hunt Sends Fans Looking All Over D.C. for Jayson Werth Gnomes (Pics)

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For all the hype surrounding Bryce Harper, the Nationals’ most important offensive player over the last two years has been the Bearded Beast, Jayson Werth. Many observers (myself included) thought the seven-year, $126 million deal Werth signed in 2011 was terrible, seeing as how the guy was already 31 when he signed it. But all he’s done is slash .304/.396/.494 with 41 home runs the last two season, becoming one of the franchise’s most popular players.

That’s why the Nats made Werth the center of their brilliant new postseason ticket promotion.

The team had 100 Jayson Werth Gnomes all over D.C. this week for fans to find. Most just got a miniature Werth to watch over their gardens, which is awesome. However, six of the Jayson Werth Gnomes were signed by the man himself, and the fans who found those got a sweet piece of Nats memorabilia and two tickets to Game 2 of the NLDS against the Giants.

They announced the contest on Tuesday…

And soon #WerthGoesGnome was trending as Nationals fans tweeted their finds…

Awesome. I don’t know if the Nationals will make the World Series, but they hit a home run with this promotion.

(See what I did there?)

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