LeBron James’ Son Is Already Getting Sized Up by Ohio State (Tweet)

lebron james son

LeBron James’ son, the appropriately-named LeBron James Jr., is already getting looks from Ohio State University.

Lest you think that he’s early on in high school or like 14…nope. He’s 9. The senior LeBron keeps a locker in the Ohio State basketball locker room, and, despite not having attended any university, he’s always had fairly close ties with the school, and his return to Cleveland doesn’t appear to have escaped their attention.

Now, it’s likely that this is all just banter, and that no one is taking LeBron James’ son too seriously at the collegiate level. But, we’re always surprised by these things, and how early they start, so maybe we shouldn’t be quite so dismissive of this Tweet:

Thad Matta is the head coach for Ohio State’s basketball team.

While it’s likely just talk, you have to take LeBron James’ son seriously at some point, right? You can’t just ignore a prospect named “LeBron James.”

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