This Oregon Ballboy Has Majestic Pink Hair for Cancer Awareness (Video)

Oregon ballboy

The Oregon ballboy really supports breast cancer awareness. Or he wanted a good pretense to dye his hair pink. Or both. Probably both.

Regardless, you have to admire his commitment to the pink with a glorious hairstyle that really makes him “pop” on a sideline that has its share of pink. Or is it fuchsia? Who knows.

As most college football fans realize, Oregon is basically the lab for new Nike uniform designs, so its no surprise that they were sporting some pretty sharp black and pink uniforms in their loss to Arizona last night. But the real winner of the black-and-pink fashion show was the Oregon ballboy, who we will keep referring to as “Oregon ballboy” because it’s fun to type and say in our heads.

Here he is, looking a little shifty:

Can we get some more charitable causes so that Oregon ballboy can just keep rotating the colors? Gay pride would be a good one. A nice yellow could support our troops. This thing has legs.

Also, can we get Andy Reid to do this? No particular reason. Just think he would look good with a pink high-top fade. Don’t you? Yup. You do. Don’t lie.

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