Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Announces He’ll Be in a ‘Baywatch’ Movie (Pic)

The Rock

The Rock has never been one to shy away from cheesy film roles. In fact, he helps sell them about as well as any action star can, and he does so with a knowing wink to the audience. Which is exactly why we’re inclined to believe him when he got on Twitter to make this announcement in the most The Rock-like fashion possible:

Huh. You don’t often see the #redshortsbehugginabrotha hashtag on social media. I hope it starts to trend. Wait. No I don’t.

It’s sounding from this THR report that Baywatch will be a comedy, which is good for those of us who have no ability to take any iteration of the TV show seriously. The Rock will likely play a campy lifeguard in a comedy. When it’s put that way, it sounds pretty fun.

I’m sure David Hasselhoff is just staring at his phone right now. “Ring, dammit. RING!”

Keep waiting, David. It’s what you’re good at.

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