Alabama Fan Throws Soda onto Ole Miss Fans, Gets Hammered by Security (Video)

Alabama fan

An Alabama fan had a tough go of it while the Ole Miss fans were celebrating after Saturday’s huge college football upset.

The Rebels turned their football field into a HUGE party, and an Alabama fan had to just sit there and sadly process what happened…Just kidding. This is college football. No one “processes” anything. A bitter Alabama fan asshole decided to toss his cup of soda onto some celebrating fans below.

That’s a bad idea because it’s a jerk move. It’s ALSO a bad idea because just out of frame was a stadium security guard just waiting for this guy to do something stupid. And the security guy was right to expect that.

Watch the video to see how this plays out:

BOOM! That’s awesome. Equally awesome is the guy’s friend next to him, who quickly notices the confrontation, then turns to the field like it never happened. He looks so pensive, as if he might skip a stone out onto a lake or something.

God bless college football. God bless karma.

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