Nebraska Guard Gives Us the Most Hilarious False Start of All Time (GIFs)

jake cotton hilarious false start

It was bad enough that #19 Nebraska lost to #9 Michigan State, their Big Ten rivals, on Saturday. But one Huskers guard had to go and make it worse by giving us the most hilarious false start of all time, becoming an instant viral sensation.

That guard was Jake Cotton. Late in the first quarter Nebraska had the ball on Michigan State’s 38 on a 3rd and 8, trailing 7-0. The Spartans defense then shifted, showing a blitz, and it affected poor Jake. The guy basically turned to stone on the spot, and—still in his crouching stance—fell on his butt.

Take a look. If it’s not one of the funniest, most bizarre plays you can ever recall seeing, you must watch some really weird football.

hilarious false start nebraska jake cotton

hilarious false start jake cotton nebraska

I assume what happened here is this: Cotton flinched, tried to freeze, and lost his balance. And if that’s the case, it really isn’t that weird at all.

It still looks weird, though. So hahahaha Cotton fall down go boom!

But I digress. This hilarious false start cost the Huskers five yards on the play, they punted two plays later, and wound up trailing 17-0 at the half before finally losing 27-22. So it was a pretty rough day all around.

Hat Tip – [Doctor Saturday]

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