The Royals Partied with Their Fans Last Night in a Kansas City Bar (Video)

Royals partied

The Royals partied last night in a Kansas City bar after sweeping the Tigers 3-0 in the division series.

While some teams are prone to renting out a club to enjoy by themselves, the Royals partied with their fans, just storming into a place called McFadden’s, located in KC.

A place called “McFadden’s” doesn’t exactly scream “Miami hotspot,” but that’s what makes this so cool. (Although McFadden’s did have a VIP section, which is odd for a bar with an Irish/Scottish name. Whatever.)

Fans were surprised to find the Royals stepping into the club, and quickly blew up the spot on social media, letting everyone know that they were PARTYING WITH BASEBALL PLAYERS.


The Royals partied in a charitable fashion, running an hour-long open tab at the sports bar, which is pretty damn cool.

Unsurprisingly, the establishment also took to social media to let everyone know that theirs was the bar of choice for the Royals.

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