Finally, SOMEBODY Who Wants a Tom Brady High Five (Video)

tom brady high five

It’s been a long road for poor Tom Brady.

I’m not talking about the Patriots’ recent struggles, or the rumors that Tom may finish his career with another organization. I’m talking about his quest to find somebody—anybody—to give him a high five.

It started last year. Brady tried to get a high five from Pats receiver Julian Edelman, but got rejected like he was Tony Romo or something. Then, a few weeks later, he tried again to get some open palm love from a teammate, and again he got rejected.

So Mr. Bundchen has gone through some pretty major trials and tribulations. And after last Monday’s embarrassing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, it didn’t look like they were going to end any time soon.

But winning changes everything. So after the Pats bounced back and destroyed the Cincinnati Bengals, Tom finally found somebody who wants a Tom Brady high five.

Take a look:


Tom Brady definitely made this girls night. #NFL #patriots

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Those ladies weren’t just doing Tom Brady a favor, either. Judging by their reactions, that Tom Brady high five was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to them.

Congratulations, Tom.

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