Daniel Bryan Pep Rally Prior to Game 3 of NLDS Got Giants Fans All Pumped Up (Video)

daniel bryan pep rally

If you are not a big fan of professional wrestling, you might have tuned in to Game 3 of the Giants-Nationals series yesterday and wondered why a crazy homeless man was leading a pep rally at AT&T Park.

However, anyone who is a fan of professional wrestling knows that was no homeless man. And it wasn’t Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth, either. It was WWE champion Daniel Bryan.

Giants outfielder Hunter Pence adopted Bryan’s famous “YES! YES! YES!” chant as the team’s unofficial cheer early in the 2014 season, and obviously it caught on with fans as well. So yesterday the San Francisco Giants treated their fans to a Daniel Bryan pep rally before they went for the sweep against the Nationals.

Of course, in retrospect a “DON’T THROW TO THIRD!” chant might have been more useful. But before the game Bryan’s “YES! YES! YES!” seemed like a great idea.

Take a look:

Let’s just hope the folks over at Deadspin didn’t hear Daniel Bryan call Giants fans the best fans in baseball. They have a “thing” about that.

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