Justin Forsett’s Son Gets Fired Up Seeing the Ravens RB on TV (Video)

Justin Forsett's son

Justin Forsett’s son, Judah, may not understand a lot about football, or much else about the world. But he knows who his dad is, and he thinks it’s pretty damn cool when he sees his dad on TV.

In a video taken by Justin Forsett’s wife, Michelle, we see Judah get worked up when the camera cuts to his dad on the sideline.

Of course, Justin Forestt has been spending less time on the sideline since a spot opened up in the Ravens backfield. Perhaps you heard about it?

So enjoy this video of Justin Forsett’s son going bananas because he loves his dad. Pretty awesome:


My wife @michellekole sent me this after the game. My son got excited when he saw who was on tv. #ProudPops #PutASmileOnMyFace #Fatherhood

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It’s pretty nice that the whole Ravens mess can bring us a moment like this. It doesn’t make up for it by a long shot, but still…pretty nice.

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