Ole Miss Fan Gets Stiff-Armed Approaching Nick Saban After Game (Video)

Ole Miss fan

An Ole Miss fan tried to add insult to injury following his team’s upset of #1 ranked Alabama.

When the fans took to the field, one Ole Miss fan thought he could just saunter up to the most notable coach in the game, Nick Saban, to talk some smack. That didn’t happen. What DID happen was the encroaching fan got something the YouTube title refers to as “chokeslammed.” As you can imagine, being chokeslammed is not a good thing.

The chokeslammed Ole Miss fan fell to the ground about as quickly as would be expected during a garden-variety chokeslamming. As for Saban, he continued on with his escort team, away from the madness and into the locker room.

Man, the more footage we see from this post-game party at Ole Miss, the more it looks like a war-torn nation rather than a celebratory sporting event.

Here’s the video of the chokeslammed Ole Miss fan:

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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