Paul Pierce and Joakim Noah Get Into It Preseason Scuffle During Wizards-Bulls Game (Video)

paul pierce joakim noah preseason scuffle

I was under the impression that NBA preseason games don’t count. I thought they were just practice games that help teams get in shape, fine-tune strategies, and make personnel assessments. But apparently I was wrong. Apparently NBA preseason games matter a lot, because last night during such a game between the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls, Paul Pierce and Joakim Noah got into a little preseason scuffle that was just a Tom Thibodeau away from turning into a preseason brawl.

It all started when Old Man Pierce closelined Chicago guard Jimmy Butler as he was bringing the ball up the court.

After that, Pierce and Butler were jawing on the sideline while waiting for official to decide whether or not to give Pierce a flagrant (they did) when Noah came in and told Pierce to get lost. This sparked only some very mild shoving, but things escalated when Pierce put his finger in Noah’s face.

Luckily, aforementioned Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau was there to keep the peace.

Personally, my favorite part is the old-timey boxing stance Piece takes after he jumps back about five feet and coaches are all rushing to step in between them. Real macho stuff, there.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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