New Raiders Coach Tony Sparano Buries a Football in a Hole to Motivate Team (Video)

Raiders Coach Tony Sparano bury football

Raiders Coach Tony Sparano isn’t exactly up against an easy task. Except for in the early 2000’s, the Raiders have been consistently bad for about a generation and a half. He’s stepped up to fill in for the fired Dennis Allen, and to show that the past four games have not been kind to the Raiders, he circled up the team to watch him bury a football.

It’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

Raiders coach Tony Sparano said that the ball symbolized the first four games. Or the hole represented the first four games. Or maybe the hole represents society, and the ball represents human nature. I’ll be honest, I usually tune out for Raiders-related news stories.

Here’s the video. You piece together exactly what Raiders coach Tony Sparano is doing with the shovel and dirt. Maybe he’s going to dig up the corpse of JaMarcus Russell and use him for a curse on the Chiefs:

Well, that settles that. The Raiders will now win out the rest of the season and win the Super Bowl.

Coaches should bury symbolic footballs more often.

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