Hockey Savant Steven Stamkos Remembers Every Goal He Ever Scored (Video)

Steven Stamkos remembers every goal he ever scored

Are you ready to hear something that will blow your mind? Steven Stamkos remembers every goal he ever scored. Like really. And it’s not like he’s some sort of goon who rarely finds the back of the net. You’d expect those guys to remember every single goal they score. Stamkos has scored 233 goals in just four full seasons and two partial ones—the first shorted by the lockout, the second by injury.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could remember 233 anything, let alone 233 goals. But Stamkos can. In fact, he doesn’t just remember the goals. He remembers everything about them.

The hockey savant recently taped an interview with TSN’s James Duthie, who picked a random game in which Stamkos had scored a goal and asked him to describe it.

It’s absolutely unreal. Take a look:

They say Peyton Manning can remember every single play he’s ever run and every touchdown he’s ever thrown.

I guess that makes Stamkos the Peyton Manning of the NHL.

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