The Rock Returns to WWE Raw to Wrestle, Flex, and Lift Some Eyebrows (Video)

The Rock Returns Raw

The Rock took a break from his wonderful life as “Dwayne Johnson, movie star” to return to the very place that made him famous: the wrestling ring.

The Rock showed up at Barclay’s Center for Monday Night Raw last night, and in case you thought he was just there to wave and smile, you’re very wrong. He was there to wrestle.

Apparently The Rock was”ambushed” by someone or something named Rusev, which wrestling enthusiasts and media are hoping indicates the beginning of a feud. I mean, of course they do. What wrestling fan wouldn’t want The Rock back in their lives?

However, it’s unclear just how much time The Rock has to return to the ring, considering he’s got that Baywatch movie and a million other irons in the fire. However, this was a pretty cool moment all by itself, as this video shows:

Awesome. “Know your role.”

I don’t even like wrestling, and this was terrific. Welcome back, The Rock. You’ve been missed!

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