Amazing Hunter Pence Catch Saves Extra Bases, Leads to Amazing Hunter Penceface (Video + GIF)

hunter pence catch

Sloppy defense and wild pitches by the Nationals pitchers will go down as the official cause of Washington’s demise in Game 4 of the NLDS against the Giants. However, if not for an amazing Hunter Pence catch up against the right field wall in the top of the 6th, it’s quite possible none of that would have mattered.

The Giants were up 2-1 in the top of the 6th when the heart of the Nationals order started scorching pitches from starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong. First third baseman Anthony Rendon hit a liner to right that was caught by Hunter Pence. Then the very next batter, Jayson Werth, ripped a shot to the wall that had extra bases written all over it. However, Pence tracked the thing down and made a leaping catch up against the padding for out number two.

Here’s what it looked and sounded like on live television:

Here’s a closeup in slow motion:

hunter pence catch

And let’s just zoom in a little tighter to see the look on Pence’s face after he made the catch:

hunter pence catch pence face

Everyone knows about Manningface, and Manningface is amazing. But I think Penceface, while a bit more bug-eyed, is every bit as good.

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