Baby Flexing Like Hulk Hogan Is More Adorable Than Scary (Video)

Baby Flexing Like Hulk Hogan

A baby flexing like Hulk Hogan is perhaps the greatest thing you’ll see today.

You know how it is these days…if you don’t teach your baby how to flex like Hulk Hogan at an early age, they won’t get into a good preschool, then they won’t test well for a prep school, then all of a sudden they’ve graduated from college and they can’t find a job because they’re 23, but can only flex at a seventh-grade level.

The fact that this video of a baby flexing like Hulk Hogan is completely free of context just makes it better. I mean, do we really know that he’s flexing like Hulk Hogan? Maybe he’s flexing like someone else. Nah. It’s the Hulk.

Here’s the video. Draw your own conclusion:

And for comparison:

baby flexing like hulk hogan

Who wore it better?

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