This Cavs Hype Video Does Its Job, We’re Hyped About LeBron’s Return (Video)

Cavs hype video

This Cavs hype video more than sells the excitement of LeBron James returning to Cleveland. Sure, it’s a pretty nice and dramatic story even without a video, but this video takes the excitement up a notch, which I suppose is exactly what you would hope from something called a “hype video.”

It isn’t a transcendent video or anything. We’ve seen a bunch of videos like this before. Streets of the city, black and white, history, dramatic music, this checks all the boxes. But this one feels like it’s actually representing an event that deserves to be hyped. SO in that sense, the Cavs hype video does its job and does it well.

Take a look at the Cavs hype video and see if you’re immune from the hype:

The line starts here for Cavs season tickets.

Actually, that line started forming when LeBron broke the news. The end of it is about two miles down the road.

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