Dancing Pistons Usher Is Back, and His Moves Are as Smooth as Ever (Video)

dancing pistons usher

Remember dancing Pistons usher? The guy who got into an epic dance-off against an adorable chubby kid last November and got to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live for a rematch?

Well, the NBA preseason is officially underway, and dancing Pistons usher is back, doing his thing on the Palace of Auburn Hills’ “Dance Cam Presented by State Farm.” And while nobody (except maybe your mom) is going to confuse him for the Usher, capital U, his moves are still pretty smooth.

Here he is in action at last night’s exhibition game against the Chicago Bulls:

I’m assuming this guy is getting paid more than his usher colleagues. However, when it comes to being cheap, you never want to underestimate a professional sports franchise. For all we know the Pistons put “dancing on the jumbotron” in the official job description for ushers just so they could pay $15 an hour for quality in-game entertainment.

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