Kangaroo Fight? Kangaroo Fight. (Video)

kangaroo fight

If you’ve never seen a kangaroo fight before…good for you. They’re violent, ugly affairs, and their unpredictability makes them next to impossible to gamble on. But, that’s about to change, because we’ve got a pretty good kerfuffle here between two kangaroos.

In case you’ve never seen what a kangaroo REALLY looks like, take a peek here. They’re frighteningly jacked.

Now, pit one against the other in a good ole’ fashioned kangaroo fight, and you’ve got a real spectacle on your hands. Here’s a video of a recent one. Try to stay back from the splash zone:

And if any Australians were trying to buck stereotypes set in film and television, this video of a kangaroo fight on a suburban cul-de-sac isn’t going to do much to help their cause. Quite the opposite, really.

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