Rugby Streaker Makes Tackle, Starts Brawl At Rugby Match (Video)

rugby streaker

A rugby streaker (that’s a streaker AT a rugby game, not a nude rugby player, to be clear) not only found his way onto the pitch to show everyone his naked body, but decided to kick things up a notch by actually tackling a player. Oh boy. Reading this before even watching the video, I couldn’t imagine things end well. But they actually turned out WORSE than you would imagine. Not just for the rugby streaker, but for lots of people.

The rugby streaker started a brawl.

Rugby games are insane enough, but a brawl at a rugby game is something else entirely. That’s like saying, “Oh, that game where people hit each other without pads and tear each other’s ears off? We’re tossing the rules and decency out the window for a bit.”

Take a look at the video, and be glad you have better judgement than this guy:

That dude must have a death wish. For those keeping score at home, the match was Newcastle vs. Northumbria (college), and those smartypants boys should have rocked his world a little harder.

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