Adorable Maple Leafs Kid Gives Players Props Despite Opening Night Loss to Canadiens (Video)

adorable maple leafs kid gives team props after loss

Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs lost their season opener to the arch rival Montreal Canadiens by a score of 4-3. However, the loss didn’t dampen the devotion of the adorable Maple Leafs kid in the Wendel Clark jersey who gave the players props as they headed to the locker room after the game. As far as that kid was concerned, the loss was just a minor bump on the road to a Stanley Cup Championship.

Take a look:

That really is sweet. It must have been quite a thrill for this kid to stand down there, behind the scenes, in such close proximity to his idols.

That being said, you also have to feel kind of sorry for adorable Maple Leafs kid. He has absolutely no idea how much pain and suffering his beloved hockey team is going to bring him. He can’t even begin to comprehend how long it’s been since the Leafs won the Cup, or the fact that, even now, the richest team in hockey isn’t even close to contending.

In fact, this video sums up the Maples Leafs’ relationship to their fans rather perfectly: team loses, naive adoring fan loves them anyway.

Just insert the words “every f**king year” after “loses” and make “fan” plural.

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