German Basketball Team ALBA Berlin Beats San Antonio Spurs with Buzzer Beater (Video)

alba berlin beats san antonio spurs buzzer beater

German basketball club ALBA Berlin didn’t win the German Bundesliga* last year. They lost in the finals to Bayern Munich†, three games to one. And no German club has ever won or even reached the finals of the Euroleague, Europe’s premier pro basketball competition.

Why am I telling you this? Because last night, ALBA Berlin beat the San Antonio Spurs.

Yes, it was just a preseason exhibition, so you can’t read too much into this from the Spurs’ perspective. But from the perspective of ALBA Berlin, this is a HUGE deal. Since 2003, Euroleague teams have played 57 games against NBA teams, and their record is 11-46. Three of those games have now been against the defending NBA champions—the Spurs in 2007, Lakers in 2010, and Spurs again in 2014—and it was the second victory for a Euroleague team in such games. However, the other two games pitted the NBA champions against the Euroleague champions, so when the Lakers lost to FC Barcelona‡ in 2010, they at least had the satisfaction of knowing they lost to the best team in Europe. This year’s Euroleague champion was Israeli club Maccabi Tel Aviv. They just played games against the Cavaliers and Nets and lost both.

So like I said, for ALBA Berlin, beating the San Antonio Spurs is HUGE. And the fact that they did it with a buzzer beater in front of their home crowd makes it that much sweeter.

Take a look:

Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili? I’m kind of surprised Gregg Popovich didn’t leave those guys back in Texas just to test Adam Silver.

Yes, that’s what they call their basketball league, too.
† Yes, that’s what they call their basketball club, too.
‡ Yes, that’s what they call their basketball team, too. It’s not just a German thing. They’re not very creative with team names over in Europe.

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