Chubby Royals Fan Goes To Craigslist to Find a Ticket to an ALCS Game

Chubby royals fan

Any time we can get away with using the phrase chubby Royals fan over and over again in an article, we’re going to do it. And, thanks to this posting on Craigslist, we’ve now got that option.

A female, chubby Royals fan took to the sketchy classified ad site to let the world know that she’s looking for a ticket to the Oct. 13th ALCS game (Game 3, in Kansas City).

Also, she decided to share that she’s chubby, which is such a fun word to type. The chubby Royals fan angle MIGHT be the funniest part of this post, but there is some stiff competition. She usually roots for the Red Sox. F*ck that. She likes sweet white wines and rum. That means she’s probably an emotional trainwreck. Of all the information she decides to share and not share in this ad, “I enjoy rum, sweet white wines…” is a weird inclusion. I’m guessing she enjoys both of those things a LOT.

And if you think you’re just gonna saunter up and give this chubby Royals fan a ticket, you’re woefully misguided. You need to like two of the following: sweet white wines, rum, tropical vacations, and non-stupid people.

Oh, and you better have a huge c*ck, because, duh…

Here’s a link to the actual Craigslist ad.