Pau Gasol Knows How to Get to ‘Sesame Street’ in This Video

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol doesn’t strike me as an Allen Iverson-type party animal. And this quick video spot he shot for Sesame Street seems to confirm that. The Bulls power forward did this quick take in which he sits in front of the camera, trying to contain his excitement, then announces, in his native Spanish, that he’s partying with the Sesame Street crew.

That’s when things get REALLY out of hand. No. Not really. Pau Gasol and some puppets dance, and he’s got a goofy-ass smile on his face the entire time. This clip doesn’t really lend itself well to commentary, because what you see is what you get, but it’s plenty fun.

Take a look at Pau Gasol cutting loose, Pau Gasol-style:

It IS a little disappointing that they couldn’t have gotten Joakim Noah to join. I want to watch his hair bounce up and down. And they couldn’t have had Derrick Rose hobble in for a cameo? Times seem to be pretty tough on Sesame Street.

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