The Philadelphia Flyers Bench Looked Like a Carnival Sideshow Last Night (Pics)

Philadelphia Flyers bench

The Philadelphia Flyers kicked off the season with a loss last night, but if it’s any consolation to their fans, they looked terrible doing it. I’m not talking about the Flyers not being able to perform on the ice. Nope. I’m talking about how the¬†Philadelphia Flyers¬†looked as they were sitting down on their bench.

It looked like the Island of Dr. Moreau last night. Only worse.

First off, we have Michael Raffl, who decided the best way to show he was a competitive athlete in a tough sport was to stick his hair through his helmet, Alfalfa-style, and stare slack-jawed at nothing in particular. You may get inside the Bruins’ heads with that look, but at the price of your dignity.


Philadelphia Flyers bench 2

Raffle, looks like Clark f*cking Gable when compared to our next entrant, Sean Couturier. This guy should be manning a bell tower somewhere in Paris, and should DEFINITELY not be in public.

Don’t look at this. DON’T LOOK AT THIS:

Flyers bench

Haha. Just kidding. You already looked at it before you clicked the link to get here, then again at the top. We made you look at this picture THREE times. We’re sorry.



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