Terry Pegula Sent This Awesome Text to His Daughter after Buying the Bills (Pic)

Terry Pegula

Terry Pegula sent a text to his daughter after buying the Buffalo Bills that proved communication with your dad doesn’t get any easier, even if money is no object. Upon buying the team, which has been on the market for a while now, he sent his daughter, professional tennis player Jessie Pegula a text that simply said “We own Bills.

That’s the type of text I would get from my dad. Well, the tone is the same. I have a hard time imagining an instance where the subject matter would be that of purchasing an NFL team. Dads have no time for articles or emojis. Three words convey the information just fine, so why would Terry Pegula want to ruin that with a bunch of dumb other words.

Here’s the Tweet:

I’d like to see some more correspondence with her dad Tweeted out by Jessie. “Olive Garden tonight.” “Carlton dancing on ABC.” “Buffalo cold.”

I mean, if Shit My Dad Says can trend, so can Terry Pegula’s Terse Texts. It’s even alliterative!



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