Here’s a Pretty Sweet GIF of Andrew Luck Jerking It on the Sidelines Last Night

andrew luck jerking it

If you tuned into Thursday Night Football this week, you saw many interesting things. You saw the Colts get out to a 24-0 lead in the first quarter and hold on for a victory. You saw another JJ Watt touchdown, followed by another JJ Watt touchdown dance. And, perhaps most interesting of all, you saw Andrew Luck jerking it on the sidelines.

Yeah, you heard me. Andrew Luck jerking it on the sidelines. I don’t know why, of course, but I am perfectly happy to speculate. Maybe somebody asked him what his plans were for after the game. Or maybe someone just told him a story about a romantic rendezvous, and Luck was saying something to the effect of, “you mean like this?”

Either way it was gross, but also hilarious. Take a look:

Andrew Luck jerking it

Thanks for that, Andrew. Now we are all going to have nightmares about a masturbating Civil War general.


Hat Tip to readers DanD and Scarbro.

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