Female Texans Fan Celebrates Andre Johnson Touchdown by Having Her Way with Andre Johnson (GIF)

Female Texans Fan Celebrates Andre Johnson Touchdown by Groping Andre Johnson

What’s the best way to celebrate an Andre Johnson touchdown? Judging by the actions of one frisky female Texans fan, you wanna wait until Johnson leaps up into the stands and then slap his butt. Repeatedly.

The Houston Texans were trailing the Indianapolis Colts 24-0 early in the second quarter last night when Johnson got his team on the board with a four-yard touchdown reception from Ryan Fitzpatrick. Johnson then decided to celebrate by leaping up into the stands behind the endzone—Lambeau style—and saying hello to some fans. However, while NFL owners and executives recently attended a domestic violence and sexual assault education workshop, the same is not true of NFL fans. So one female Texans fan got caught up in the moment and just went to town on Johnson’s firm backside.

Take a look:

Look closely and you’ll notice this woman’s other hand got pretty close to Andre Johnson’s crotchal region. Interesting.

Of course, if that were a male Texans fan slapping the butt of a cheerleader, we’d all be like, “PASS ME A PITCH FORK!” But it was a female Texans fan slapping the butt of a football player. And we’re fine with that, because double standards!

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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