Another Week, Another JJ Watt Touchdown, Another JJ Watt Touchdown Dance (Video)

jj watt touchdown dance

Houston Texans DE JJ Watt was already the most disruptive defensive player in the NFL, swattin’ passes and sackin’ quarterbacks. Now he is a scoring and dancing machine, too.

That’s right, scoring and dancing. Last night, against the Indianapolis Colts on national television, the $100 million man recovered an Andrew Luck fumble early in the fourth quarter and ran it back for a 45-yard score. Then he treated us to another classic JJ Watt touchdown dance.

Here’s a look at the fumble return, which would be classified as a “fat guy touchdown” if JJ Watt were actually fat and not, like, the second or third fastest guy on his team:

And here’s a look at that JJ Watt touchdown dance. As you can see, the man is a big fan of the Nae Nae:

jj watt touchdown dance

After that JJ was a little out of breath, so he took a quick break on the sideline while special teams handled the ensuing kickoff.

That’s when he showed off his sense of 80s sitcom comedic skills:

If JJ Watt’s career should end early, he could always star in a TV show about a former football player who takes a job as a nanny for a rich black family. It would be like a cross between Charles in Charge and Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and I would totally watch it.

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