Reports: NFL Set to Ruin Super Bowl XLIX with Katy Perry Halftime Show

katy perry halftime show

A Katy Perry halftime show at Super Bowl XLIX? Believe it. According to multiple unconfirmed reports from people who have “sources,” the NFL has settled on the “Dark Horse” singer after also putting out feelers to Rihanna and Coldplay. And all this just one week after Perry’s much talked-about guest appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay.

Of course, the NFL never tries to book halftime acts that hardcore NFL fans (i.e. 70% dudes) would like. Hardcore NFL fans are already watching the game. Instead, they book acts they hope will get people who otherwise would give zero f**ks about the Super Bowl to tune in—you know, like Madonna.

[Author shudders, then regroups.]

As for the headline of this post about the Super Bowl being ruined, believe it or not, I actually don’t mind Katy Perry at all. She seems nice, she’s sexy without being a total skank, her songs are catchy (if ultimately forgettable), and she has some serious pipes. The problem is that I’ve never seen her perform where she wasn’t off key, which is really weird for a person who is, in all other respects, a good singer. So the Katy Perry halftime show is either going to be lip-synched, or bad.

Ah well.

Oh, and the big game, in case you were wondering, is on February 1, 2015, in Glendale, Arizona.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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