That Guy with the New England Patriots Helmet Tattoo on His Head Was Arrested Again (Pics)

new england patriots helmet tattoo

If you’ve ever seen a list of insane sports tattoos, you’ve seen Victor Thompson. He’s the guy with the New England Patriots helmet tattoo on his bald head who’s mugshot (above) went viral in 2008.

So what ever happened to that guy? Well, he’s still got the tattoo, and he’s lost a little weight.

He’s also still getting in trouble with the law. According to the Smoking Gun, Thompson, who had previously served time for assault and shoplifting, was arrested again in Florida back in September. This time it was possession of “spice”—a.k.a. synthetic weed—which is illegal in the Sunshine State.

This time, the police did an ever better job documenting this amazing tattoo, taking photos from not two, not three, but four different angles. Thus, we now have a new appreciation for this die-hard Patriots fan’s attention to detail.

Take a look:

viktor thompson new england patriots helmet tattoo 2

He’s got the American flag. He’s got the brand logo on the helmet. He’s even got that little green dot that indicates the fake tattoo helmet is equipped for wireless communications.

That right there is a real fan.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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