Jeremy Hill Breaks Out the Ickey Shuffle, Probably Thanks to Geico (Video)

Jeremy Hill

Jeremy Hill of the Bengals is just a rookie, so he doesn’t have many hallmarks of his own.  That’s why he was wise to borrow from the best in preforming the Ickey Shuffle after punching in a touchdown during Sunday’s 37-37 tie (yes, they tie) with the Carolina Panthers.

The Ickey Shuffle is the quintessential ridiculous touchdown celebration in that it’s really awkward, silly, and takes about 45 minutes to complete.

For all those reasons, it was delightful to see it taken out of mothballs by Jeremy Hill. Besides being a fairly notable part of Bengals history, the Ickey Shuffle was recently highlighted in a Geico ad. See below:

Hmm. Ok. Fine. Ickey’s seen better days, it would appear.

Now, here’s Jeremy Hill’s non-supermarket take on the dance:

Who wore it better? I think we have to give the nod to the guy actually playing football. We’re traditionalists like that.

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