Julius Thomas of the Broncos Says “It’s So F*cking Easy” After Touchdown (Video)

Julius Thomas

It’s common in the world of professional sports to hear a lot of rhetoric about hard work and sacrifice, about how putting in the time and the effort necessary to be a champion is the only real way to become one. But the Denver Broncos‘ star tight end Julius Thomas doesn’t really go in for all that, as his shout of “it’s so easy!” after his second touchdown against the Jets on Sunday demonstrated.

It’s probably one of the coolest things ever shouted by a player to actually make it on the air, and it’s made even cooler by the fact that Julius Thomas‘ boast wasn’t exactly FCC-approved. Before the sanitized version above, he went as far as to say “it’s so f*cking easy,” which, I have to admit, sounds pretty f*cking easy. I’ve never even made a sandwich with that little effort involved, and this guy’s scoring touchdowns.

If you missed Julius Thomas’ assertion that scoring touchdowns is, in fact, so easy on TV, you can watch it in the video below. But turn your speakers down if you’re at work, especially if you’re going to be angling for a raise any time soon—you wouldn’t want your boss to think your job is too easy.

Here’s the video:

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]


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