Division III QB Lemar Johnson Scores Touchdown After Hurdling Defender (Video + GIF)

Lemar Johnson's Morrisville Hurdle

Every once in a while, an athlete in the minor leagues (or in the case of college football, Division III), distinguishes himself in such a way that out-dazzles anything happening in the “more important” spheres of competition. That’s definitely the case with Lemar Johnson, quarterback for Morrisville State College in upstate New York.

Lemar Johnson scored an amazing touchdown during Saturday’s game between Morrisville State and Kean that has already earned its very own nickname: “The Morrisville Hurdle.” And just in case you’re not clear on this, it’s called that because Johnson literally hurdled a defender before running into the end zone.

You can watch Lemar Johnson’s already legendary “Morrisville Hurdle” in the video below. And underneath that you can see it in GIF form. Finally, just close your eyes and watch it in your own imagination.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the GIF, courtesy of BroBible, which you can check out here:


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