NASCAR Brawl Breaks Out in Garage after Tension-Filled Charlotte Race (Video)

NASCAR brawl

A NASCAR brawl broke out on Sunday after Matt Kenseth chased down Brad Keselowski in an alley behind the track garage.

To be fair to Kenseth, it sounds like Keselowski was out of control, hitting three different cars with his own car AFTER THE RACE WAS OVER. I don’t advocate physical confrontations, but it sounds like Keselowski had a few things to answer for, and it’s easy to see how Kenseth could be upset, leading to this NASCAR brawl.

Here’s a GIF of the goings-on. It might not clear things up, but it’s a start:

NASCAR brawl

And here’s a video of the entire altercation:

As a half-assed explanation, Brad Keselowski offered this Tweet for how things led to the NASCAR brawl:

The ole’ “nobody’s perfect” defense. Pretty much an admission of guilt.

This hits close to home for me, because my biggest fear since childhood has been getting blindsided by a man in a Dollar General onesie.

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