Rob Gronkowski Gave a Pretty Funny Post-Game Interview After Pats Win (Video)

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski reminded us on Sunday that things are always a little more fun when your team wins.

After a rough start, the Patriots are starting to not only level out, but actually improve. And what’s the best way to celebrate a clutch win over a division rival? With sex. No, not between Rob Gronkowski and Tony Siragusa, though that would certainly be a spectacle in and of itself. Nah.

Rob Gronkowski suggested that the offensive line “should get laid tonight” following the team’s 37-22 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

While I think we should ALL get laid tonight, I think the spirit behind Gronk’s comment was that the offensive line DESERVED to get laid tonight based on their performance. Of course, Gronk, being a tight end, is arguably a member of the O-line, so this could have been a completely self-serving statement. But I doubt Gronk or any other pro football player (save for punters and long snappers) needs any help getting laid.

Nonetheless, it was a sweet sentiment that Gronk put out there for his teammates. Too bad I start to dry heave any time anything sexual is referenced while Tony Siragusa is on screen.

Here’s the fun interview:

Don’t wear yourselves out before next week’s game, fellas. And don’t forget to stretch before and ice down after doing anything strenuous.