Terrence Williams Made a Jaw-Dropping Catch That Led to a Dallas Win (GIF + Video)

Terrence Williams

Terrence Williams can go ahead and be anointed the Cowboys week 6 savior after making a catch that dropped jaws and seemingly defied physics.

On a 3rd and 20 late in the game with Dallas trailing the Seahawks in the fourth quarter by 3, Tony Romo was scrambling around the pocket, dodging a number of hazards before finding some space and letting fly a sideline pass to Terrence Williams.

Watching live, it appeared that the pass was too far out of bounds to be brought in. But then it was clear that Williams had pulled it in, at which point it was easy to assume that he had done so out of bounds. But then a replay showed…maybe he was in? Then another one showed that, yeah, Terrence Williams probably was in…but still, maybe he wasn’t? Then another one showed, “Holy sh*t, Terrence Newman was in, and he just made an amazing play at a clutch time.”

Not even a Seahawk challenge could undo this feat. Rather than explain what Williams did, let’s just show ya.

Here’s the GIF:

Terrence WIlliams

And here’s a video:

Nice catch. Big Win.

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