Tony Romo Bulldozed by Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner (GIF)

Tony Romo Smashed by Bobby Wagner

America’s favorite pastimes are preparing and eating apple pie, playing baseball, and watching Tony Romo get crushed by a linebacker. It’s the latter that we’re concerned with today (although I’m not stopping you from picking up an apple pie and heading to the batting cages), after Sunday’s game between Romo’s Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks.

More specifically, the tackle was supplied by Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner, who drew a laser-beam path toward the undefended Romo and leveled him right after he let go of a pass. If you happen to be a Tony Romo or Cowboys fan, though, take heart: They still managed to win the game by a score of 30 to 23 after they dug Romo up out of the ground.

Tony Romo getting flattened by Bobby Wagner yesterday was the kind of visually spectacular event that in 2014 could not possibly happen without getting captured in GIF form, and you can see just that below, courtesy of Deadspin.

Since it’s Columbus Day, you can imagine Wagner is Christopher Columbus, and Tony Romo is the indigenous peoples of the New World:

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