49ers Tight Ends Compete for Touchdown Pass and Drop It (GIF)

49ers tight ends touchdown

Two 49ers tight ends were wide open in the end zone during the fourth quarter of Monday night’s game against the Rams. Well, they were only wide open if you don’t count each other interfering with the catch.

Vernon Davis and Vance McDonald seemed to run different patterns that put them in the exact same spot in the end zone, which probably means one of them ran the wrong pattern, or the right pattern incorrectly.  Either way, the 49ers tight ends both managed to get open, but collided into each other when going for the TD grab. They dropped the ball, and everyone looked pretty stupid for a second.

I’ve watched this GIF about six times now, and I still find it impossible to determine who Colin Kaepernick was targeting. Was he just throwing to the area?

Here’s the GIF (via SB Nation):

49ers tight ends

At least they did a good job getting open? (Looking for the “glass is half-full” approach.)

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