Eagles Fans Lob Garbage at a Giants Fan, To No One’s Surprise (Video)

Eagles fans

Eagles fans are a special bunch, even in the context of savage NFL fans. They hate…well, they hate everything, and carry a particularly destructive and mean bent when it comes to opposing teams and fans. I’m not saying that means this incident is the Giants fan’s fault, but when you show up at the Linc in an Eli Manning jersey, you have to expect bad things to happen. It’s not cool that they do, but you have to expect Eagles fans to screw with you.

And screw with this guy they did. Of course, Eagles fans aren’t ones for mind games or innuendo. Nope. They’re the type to shower you in garbage and probably lay down some delightful verbiage about your allegiance to a non-Eagles entity.

Here’s the video. Admire their “spirit”:

The guy in the Giants jersey either seems to be enjoying the negative attention, or is the most upbeat, positive guy in the world. Probably the former, because as nasty as Eagles fans are, New Yorkers aren’t renowned for their positivity.

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